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Bridges to Wealth’s (B2W) mission is to close the wealth gap between white and minority households in Philadelphia. To realize this mission,B2W empowers low-wealth high school students, parents, and families with vital business literacy knowledge and financial life skills. B2W has successfully increased wealth generation in underserved Philadelphia communities for the past seven years. 

Our classes, supported by Wharton students, bring an Ivy League business experience to high school students as they learn financial literacy & investing, critical & innovative thinking, and communication skills while working in small groups. Centered on central themes and interactive exercises, our school day program instills key life skills that prepare students for future success.

Our program offers students opportunities in entrepreneurship and small business development, including “shark tank” competitions, seed funding, and a small business accelerator program at the University of Pennsylvania. The accelerator offers summer employment to high school students from participating schools; students are paid to work alone or in teams to further develop winning and emerging business pitches.

The summer curriculum takes students through each component of a complete business plan, with opportunities to present to investors. Our summer accelerator promotes student personal development and self-branding, using social media as a vehicle for personal brand development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bridges to Wealth Summer Accelerator Program?
Bridges to Wealth Summer Accelerator Program is a 6 week paid internship for high school students in the Philadelphia area. This program is a unique opportunity for students to gain professional experience through paid internships. Over the course of 6 weeks, students have the opportunity to develop business ideas, gain access to the University of Pennsylvania mentors, and develop a professional network.
What are the dates for the summer 2020 program?
The program lasts 6 weeks (July 6th- August 10th)  
How many hours do students work a week?
Students work approximately 12 hours a week ( Monday- Thursday from 1 pm-4 pm)
Where is the program taking place?
The University of Pennsylvania.  
Do students get paid?
Yes. This is a paid summer program. Wages start at $8.25/ hour
Who can apply? How do I apply?
To be eligible for this program you must be between the ages of 14-18. To apply, fill out the preliminary interest form found here:
After filling out, someone will be in contact with you to walk you through the application process.
Do I have to reapply if I participated in the program last summer?
Yes. Participants from last summer who return will assume leadership and mentoring roles for the new participants.
What is the plan in response to COVID-19?
The Summer Accelerator Program will proceed either online or in person, depending on the regulations that the COVID pandemic imposes on social gatherings. We are 100% committed to providing programming and jobs as promised--at B2W we like to joke that we are "COVID Proof."
I’m under 18, do I need to obtain working papers to apply?
Yes, you do need working papers to apply; however, we will help students under the age of 18 obtain the appropriate documents to begin work on time.
If I have a work permit from last summer, do I need a new one?
If you still have a working permit, it is valid until you are 18 years old and can be used for our program. However, if you lost your working permit, you will have to get a new one.
Is room and board provided for the program?
No, room and board are not included for this program.
Will transportation be provided for the program?
Although there will not be a formal transportation service for the program, the University of Pennsylvania is close to many different forms of public transportation. Thus, transportation assistance, in the form of  tokens/transpasses, may be available for students who express interest.

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