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A photograph of the winners of the 2019 Bridges To Wealth and Philadelphia Financial Scholars pitch competition. Text overlayed says "closing the wealth gap, community by community."

Join us to close the wealth gap through evidence-based education and opportunity. Our intergenerational program empowers youth, parents, and community members with financial and business life-skills to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

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We're now enrolling small business owners and entrepreneurs for the next cohort of our Independent Development Accounts program in partnership with the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. Learn more about this program and other opportunities on our Adult Programs page!
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Cheers to 2022!
We recently published a recap of our work in 2021. Despite the multitude of barriers, we were able to find connection, build community, and foster empowering and educational spaces for our people. We're proud of our work and excited to continue this progress in 2022. Check out our year in review and stay tuned for what we have coming up!
Year in Review
We're back to our weekly Community of Wealth investment meeting.
Join us virtually on Thursdays at 6pm.

Join our Community of Wealth for no cost, and no commitment. This community invites everyone, from all levels of understanding and experience, to learn about investment. Click HERE to register in advance, or click the image below.
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The Vast Wealth Gap Continues to Grow

We believe all people should have equal access to financial education, services and opportunities but, sadly, the reality is far different.

The median wealth of white households compared to Hispanic ones is 10%

Median wealth of white households compared to Black households

Less than 7% of minority households invest in the stock market in non-retirement accounts.

Of minority households invest in the stock market in non- retirement accounts

Half of U.S. States fail to provide the required financial education in schools.

provide financial education in school

Median wealth of white households compared to Black households: 13 times.

Median wealth of white households compared to Hispanic ones

How We're Solving This

We’re spreading the wealth by teaching financial empowerment. We address the stark national wealth gap with an innovative financial literacy curriculum developed at the University of Pennsylvania. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to financially empower underserved communities and grow wealth. Our track record is impressive: In Philadelphia, more than 2,700 participants have taken the free adult business literacy program. The B2W program is currently being implemented in fifteen schools across the Philadelphia area, with more programs being held at senior community centers, health community centers, and churches.

See How It Works

Our Program

An Ivy League program giving students a competitive advantage like no other.

Our Approach

We’re using education, opportunity, and social support to change financial habits.

Our Impact

See how we’re increasing financial literacy and improving people’s futures.